About Us

About Urecel

In 1997, Urecel’s Born

The Urecel story began in Korea in 1997 with the establishment of a specialised foam production line – including the region’s first Hydro Blast Reticulation unit, brought in from Germany. This advanced technology allowed Urecel to focus on becoming a top designer and manufacturer of technical foam products to the automotive and electronics industries.

As the first company in the world to produce reticulated foams with the Laaderberg Continuous Foam Machine (Max Foam System), we ensure highly consistent products with minimum wastage.

German Technology

Best in class expert German engineering.

Through our extensive R&D program, Urecel identified the demand for a superior premium outdoor cushion, leading to the development of Urecel QuickDry in 2002. With the integration of cutting-edge German technology, this innovative product has set new industry standards and continues to redefine outdoor cushion comfort.
We have 7 hydro-blast reticulation machines designed internally and built in Germany

World Class Product

Our customers and business are international.
To meet the high expectations our clients, we source best in class machinery and experts from around the world

Team Members

Meet Our Core Team Of

Irwan Agusta

More than 20 Years experience. Chemistry University of Padjajaran Bandung

Harry Wahyu P

More than 20 Years experience. Chemical Engineering. Institute of Technology Surabaya

Adi Sujatmiko

More than 20 Years experience Electrical Engineering. University of Pancasila

Dr Joachim Muetzelfeldt

More than 40 Years Experience Professor at University of Bremen

Urecel Quickdry Foam®

Commitment, Innovation And Quality

This commitment to innovation and product quality has seen Urecel QuickDry grow to become the number one brand in the market. Today Urecel is considered a global leader in reticulation and impregnation technologies, and it’s products world-class in International Locations.